Giannini / 2012

A family of objects developed for the table and the kitchen, reflecting basic needs: oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, parmesan cheese, wine glacette, citrus basket, fruit bowls, spice racks, storage jars, etc... An endless list!

The obvious choice for the material was stainless steel. What’s intriguing about stainless steel is the incredibly beautiful reflective surfaces and its great durable practicality (exactly why it is used so often in restaurant settings). The Italian landscape served as initial inspiration for the design of the project, with its hills and valleys, mountains and volcanoes allowing for scenography that is truly exciting. Our translations, classical in nature, were in production processes that create stretched, pulled, stamped and turned surfaces.

The Steel Collection is the embodiment of products that are practical and highly useful, hopefully lasting for generations; Basic tools to enhance everyday living in their own simple ways.

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