P100 Camcorder

Samsung / 2011

KISS: "Keep it Simple, Stupid." Shoot videos, take photos, play back and upload. Anywhere.
Designed by Feiz Design Studio in collaboration with Samsung Design, the P100 HD Camcorder simplifies the ordeal of shooting and uploading videos into a few fool-proof steps. The aim of this design, as it's maxim (KISS) states, is to fend off 'creeping featurism' and complexity. It in turn focus' on minimizing clutter and unnecessary functions, striving for the essential. Formal clarity and contextual considerations such as usability, pocketability, attention to detail and finishing guided the design process. 

Launched at CES 2011 exhibition in January this Shoot and Share camcorder comes with "One Touch Sharing", it can be connected to a PC via it's built-in USB arm, enabling videos to be uploaded automatically. The innovative 5 Megpixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor featured on the P100 records with twice the sensitivity of regular CMOS sensors to reduce image noise and distortion and dramatically enhance recording quality in low-light situations. The AF lens also makes it easy to capture bright and clear movies anytime, anywhere.

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