L'OR Barista / Philips

JDE / 2019

Double espresso, double pleasure. After an in-depth collaboration of close to 4 years between JDE, Philips and Feiz Design Studio, we are very happy to announce the launch of the L'OR Barista Espresso Machine made by Philips. Offering the highest quality premium espresso experience with portioned capsules. The innovation lies in the launch of the double shot capsules for two cups of espresso or a double espresso. Of course the single portioned capsules are perfectly compatible as well. Going back to the original notion of an espresso machine, which always gives you the choice.

The design is based on a focal point of a double brass-finished nozzle encapsulated within a stage where the espresso is brewed. The cape surrounding the machine is finished in a range of deep, highly polished colours, accented by a mat black interior reflective of the core essence of the L'OR Espresso brand.


Photography: Jeroen van der Wielen
Video: Copyright © 2019 Jacobs Douwe Egberts, All rights reserved

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