Logitech / 2016


Our exciting journey with Logitech has reached even greater heights... The K780 Multi-Device wireless Keyboard is our latest collaboration with Logitech where we have paved new paths in the world of the ubiquitous keyboard.

A true evolution, Logitech has redefined the scope of the humble wireless keyboard into a useful companion for all your inputting needs. Be it for your smartphone, your tablet or your PC, the K780 delivers comfortable silent typing, switching easily between devices. The integrated rubber cradle allows you to hold your mobile device in an optimum angle for use.

The design is based on the interlocking of two formal elements, the keyboard and the 'device-cradle'. With its concave and convex circular keys the K780 offers a great ergonomic feel and actually improves the target press of the buttons, resulting in a friendlier product. The 'device-cradle' is executed in full rubber to provide more stability for your mobile devices and eliminate the possibility of scratches. We capitalized on the aspect of the size and proportions of the 'device-cradle' to house the bulkier components such as the batteries and the PCB to manifest an ultra-thin keyboard profile enhancing the ergonomics of typing. Logitech Design defined the complete Colours and Materials execution for this product giving it's beautifully unique character within the plethora of anonymous keyboards out on the market.

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