Studio TK / 2018

Cesto, Spanish for “basket,” is a collection of interactive seating and table elements designed to address the dynamic collaborative and social behaviors typical of today’s work environment.

"Cesto is all about freedom and flexibility. The flexibility to gather and collaborate spontaneously. Freely reconfiguring and morphing into settings depending on your needs throughout the day. Creating a dynamic and effective layout reflective of today's social work. This freedom also extends into the different functional typologies, into the coloring and material choices and their compositions." Khodi Feiz

The Cesto family is composed of an upholstered base element and a variety of different functional tops. The lower “basket” can be finished in a 3D knit mesh or fabric, offering a contrast in textures and colors. Numerous colorway possibilities enable extensive personalization. Tabletop surfaces are also available in a range of different materials facilitating easy customization. This simple collection of tables offers a comprehensive family of furnishings for the new social office landscape. Light weight and mobile on casters, they are easily moved about.

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