Beer Glass

Grolsch / 2006

Feeling is believing. The form of this beer glass transforms from a lozenge shape into a full circle, creating a unique feel in the hand and a distinctive image. By creating an embossed area on the bottom and placing the red quality emblem of Grolsch we refer to the traditional aspects so evident in the flip-top bottles of grolsch, an icon in the world of beer. And, when your glass is raised for drinking, others immediately see the red emblem. Lastly the ridge inside the glass helps prevent jamming when the glasses are stacked, an important aspect for bars. During an extensive interactive process which lasted for more than a year, we researched issues such as the clients branding and positioning, its long tradition of brewing, and its distinguishing qualities. We coupled this to research into glass production technics, possibilities in different techniques and applications creating several new directions which resulted into the produced design.

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