Alpha Desking Programme

Kembo / 2013


The way we work is evolving... Technology, working patterns, space allocation, and mobility are all effecting us and our new behaviours towards work. Alpha is a direct response to this new ethos.

As our work tools become smaller, smarter and more flexible, so should our furniture. The Alpha Desking Programme is a reflection of our changing office landscape and working patterns. The days of sitting eight hours a day behind your computer are over, the new work paradigm is now based on communication, concentration, collaboration, mobility and flexibility.

Adapting to today’s work requirements, the Alpha Desking Programme is a fully height adjustable table system, which provides a wide range of flexibility. As ergonomics research has proven time and time again, movement and change of posture during the day not only have significant health and well-being benefits, but also support key work scenarios.

The design, based on a single column construction, frees up the perimeter of the desk giving a far more effective work surface than traditional tables, therefore allowing for a smaller footprint without compromising desktop efficiency. This also allows for more flexibility in the layout and combination of clusters within the layout of the office. Within the single column there is built-in cable management and power outlets allowing for a clean and organized desktop. The complete table is based on a powder-coated steel construction in white or black and the tabletop is offered in a variety of finishes.

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