A design consultancy with an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach, Feiz Design Studio handles all areas of design from brand building products to inspiring furniture; technically sophisticated industrial projects to household and consumer products.

The overriding inspirations for our work can be summed up by: clarity, concept and context.

Clarity: objects which are stripped down to their bare essence, not to make them boring, but to bring out their main expressive quality. Too often ‘simple’

projects are dismissed as superficial and banal; it seems the more ‘complex’ or ‘advanced’ the better. But we propose the opposite: the simpler the project the more challenging and difficult it becomes; you don’t have the guise of complication to hide behind. Concept: it is the idea that gives meaning to an object; when a piece captures your imagination or makes you look twice. It is from new concepts which new typologies emerge. Context: to be inspired by the environment you are designing for is a very strong starting point. Often not thinking of the object but of the context that creates the object can lead to new and surprising results.

We believe that design is a generalist act. That is not to say that the designer is a jack of all trades and a master of none, but to be able to contribute creatively is a

specialism in itself, whatever the realm; be it strategic, helping create future scenarios and propositions for culture and society; formal, designing relevant and beautiful products for our use; technical, helping industry innovate; communicative, making information and services understandable; or artistic, producing work which questions and inspires. These and many more elements constitute the world of design, and it has never been any different.

It is within this context that we would like to develop and work with industry to achieve quality, whatever form it may take. Because, to us, quality is the obligation, design the inspiration.

Clarity. Concept. Context.

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